Peter, Paul & MaryThree Ravens

There were three ravens sat on a tree Down-a-down, Hey! Down-a-down, And they were black as they might be, with a down The one of them said to his mate: "What shall we for our breakfast take?" With a down, derry derry derry down, down Down in yonder green field, Down-a-down, Hey! Down-a-down, There lies a knight slain under his shield, with a down Down there comes a fallow doe, As great with young as she might go With a down, derry derry derry, down, down She lifted up his bloody head, Down-a-down, Hey! Down-a-down, And kissed his wounds that were so red, with a down She got him up across her back And carried him to the earthen lack* With a down derry derry derry down, down She buried him before his prime Down-a-down, Hey! Down-a-down, She was dead herself, ere evening time, with a down God send every gentlemen Fine hawks, fine hounds and such a loved one With a down derry derry derry down, Hmmm (*lack means lake. It is an ancient pronunciation.) © 2017