Peter, Paul & MaryWhatshername

Jimmy Mcgregor, hey, Jimmy, come here! Jimmy you son of a gun! What 'cha been doin'? How long has it been? Hell, seven years if it's been one. How's the preacher? How's Don, did he go back to school? (No kidding, I thought he was gay!) Who me? Oh, I'm great! I'm a father you know. Yeah, two of 'em and one on the way. Oh, well, she couldn't make it, she gets pretty tired, She started her last month today. I only came up for a couple of minutes, Believe me, I wish I could stay. Oh, and yeah while I think of it, do you remember, Not for myself, for a friend. A girl that I brought here, before I got married A couple of times at the end. What'shername? She hardly knew me; Now her name means something to me. I wonder if she ever got over me? Anyway I should be flattered For yesterday at least I mattered Where did it go? Jimmy I tell you we're two lucky guys You've got everything that you've planned. And all things considered I've done fairly well I mean God's honest truth, man I love Ruth and what'shername? I thought I knew her, what'shername? What happened to her, I don't know why I'll never forget What'shername? © 2018