PhishLimb By Limb

The shoulder that I leaned on was carved out of stone But when I'm done freezing I want to be alone Never want my hand cut off Never want a hacking cough Never need a cliffside push Never turn my brain to mush Always give me what I lack Always take the best parts back Always recognize your fate Always just a moment late Left is where I always turn Left is how I'm forced to learn Left the route my walking takes Left alone with my mistakes Up against the person who Up 'til now I never knew Up from hell the answer blew Up or down it's up to you Drop me off the Chinese wall And peel my fingers off the rim I come unglued while in midair and land to reform Limb by limb And I am taken far away... Lingering slowly melting away Tossed with the salad and baled with the hay Pooling the water that drips from above Trampled by lambs pecked by the dove © 2018