Public EnemyHere I Go

Here I go, I don't give a damn if you with me Stupidity, shit I'm the reverse of jiggy All that prettiness running on empty Only wusses need pity, no I ain't from the city Five minutes of fame if you don't know my name Oh yeah, I'm that field nigga they all fear Here's a mad salute to all my troops Fuck a lawyer and the law and all them suits I spits and I vomit 'cause I come like a comet Better quit it if y'all don't know what y'all gettin' from it Just forget it if you with it, that racket runnin' it Come on come with it, I think I'll fit it Go to war but what the hell I'm fightin' for As I soar yeah baby I like it raw No cigar, I ran over the pop star with my car, Again and may the best jam win Here I go, there you go Bingo, it don't matter if this platter's a single Needin' needles like the Beatles needin' Ringo From the beginnin' I told you how to see through the linen All that talk but that's the way The side walks in new york I simplify 'cause you might be high Rip shit in the pit so what you don't like it This is man shit a hip hop trip On that aggressive tip but rap got pussy whipped Got out psyched down on that turnpike I knew this Philly who just wouldn't get right Cause I was aware as a square in Delaware Execs writing checks for sex in spandex Radios gettin' sucked by labels under the table Mix DJ's gettin' overpaid for airplay Try to shut me down like ray, what I say? Fuck your friends and may the best jam win Here I go, there you go Mirror mirror I'm finger pointin' at the man It is I, I interrupt the program Chuck d rubberneckin' with the fans PE don't give a damn about uncle Sam And on and on like I said before Some, the 100 meter dash, I'm the marathon Against the grain comin' like a train As you listen to the sounds that remains insane One on one and it's just begun To get out the ghetto and get something done To be the man you gotta beat the man Don't confuse me with being dumb or bubble gum And I'll be here as you disappear And I'll be around amongst the crowd Cause anything I wear is a step on down That's how I've always been And may the best jam win © 2017