Blue RodeoWhere Are You Now

You were so complete You made a perfect mess of my head I should have known better But I was bored and looking for kicks You were the open window A two lane highway headed West You were my adventure The silver charm around my neck So where are you now I thought I was going crazy But now it just makes me laugh I'm talking to the tv And the tv is talking back You were the dare at midnight The gold narcotic on my breath You were the beggar's tin cup You were the stain on my bed So where are you now Yea where are you now I'm gonna buy an old car And drive high into the sun Maybe if I lose it all We'll have us a little fun You were the desert motel You were the rose in my teeth You were the first to forgive me You made the last drink taste so sweet So where are you now Where are you now You gotta tell me Where are you now Come on come on Where where where Are you now, where © 2018