Randy NewmanNaked Man

Old lady lost in the city In the middle of a cold, cold night It was fourteen below and the wind start to blow There wasn't a boy scout in sight Pull down the shades cause he's comin' Turn out the lights cause he's here Runnin' hard down the street Through the snow and the sleet On the coldest night of the year Chorus Beware, beware, beware of the Naked Man Old lady head up toward Broad Street Shufflin' uptown against the wind She had started to cry-wiped a tear from her eye And looked back to see where she had been Old lady stand on the corner With a purse in her hand She does not know but in a minute or so She will be robbed by a naked man Chorus Old lady lean against a lamppost Starin' down at the ground on which she stand She look up and scream For the lamplight's beam There stood the famous Naked Man He say, "They found out about my sister And kicked me out of the Navy, They would have strung me up if they could. I tried to explain that we were both of us lazy And were doing the best we could. " He faked to the left and he faked to the right And he snatched the purse fromere hand "Someone stop me," he cried, As he faded from sight, "Won't nobody help a naked man?" "Won't nobody help a naked man?" Chorus
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