Reba McentireMy Mind Is On You

We had a fight A lover's quarrel Angry words spoken in haste Deep in the night It went out of control And with tears streaming down my face I slammed the door and I walked out Swearing that we were through Now I'm sitting in a bar Thinking I've gone too far Wondering what I'm gonna do Thinking about calling you [Chorus] To my left blue collar To my right a high dollar man Across the bar a smooth bartender Who thinks I'm in the palm of his hand Well they buy me drinks Light my cigarette They're all wondering which one I'm gonna choose Oh my hand's on my glass My second margarita And my mind is on you My mind is on you Well I ran away In a moment of weakness I couldn't hold my own I should stay Because being together Means more than who was right or wrong And sitting in a room full of lonely faces You're the only one I see If you only knew I was thinking of you Would you come and rescue me Maybe I should call and see [Chorus] (My third margarita) I should of known I could never get along Outside of your love It's last call And I'm out of cigarettes They are all wondering what I'm gonna do Oh my hand's on the glass It's my last margarita And my mind is on you My mind is on you My mind is on you © 2017