Bonnie RaittLonging In Their Hearts

Let me tell you 'bout a friend of mine He's a short order cook Long on speed and he's short on spice He reads his customers like a book He's seen this, and he's done that And now he's makin' fried eggs an art But there's one thing he can't fix no how There's a longing in his heart Tried for years to work it out At the grill and at his home Talks to his friends, he talks to himself He'd talk the chicken right off the bone Talks to his woman and she understands You know they're always eye to eye Well, she runs the joint, they live out back It's a small house under a big sky And even the stars at night agree The sky is fallin' apart And she knows 'cause she can feel it too There's a longing in her heart Longing in her heart Well, you and me, we're just like them We never wanted to be alone So we made a pact, sealed with desire For a happier house and home Only to find, it doesn't untie The knot where feelings die There's a longing deep inside our hearts Oh, and no one to tell us why Well, our friends ain't lookin' for anything new You know, they wouldn't know where to look Well, her, she likes runnin' that joint And he likes bein' a cook Together they're doin' very well You know they're mighty glad they could Well, there's a fire burnin' and it's towards them now Comin' from a distant wood Even the stars at night agree The sky is fallin' apart We know 'cause we can feel it too There's a longing in our hearts Longing in our hearts, longing in our hearts © 2017