Roger DaltreyThe Price Of Love

Feel it alright, it's the same with me too There's something that's taken a hold of us All that we say and we do Just look at our lives We run through the day And stare at the night Is your head full of noises? For me, well, it's just like The 4th of July Maybe it's change Or the time of the year Or is it the way That you hold me so near I swear it's the price of love Now I gaze at the lights Of burning read sky And keep hearing the sound of your voice (Can't shake the sound of your voice) As you asked me to stay for awhile Just look at us now The world let go Our hearts showed the way For a moment I swear It was heaven right there On that warm August day Then you said to me, "It was time that I go" But time goes so slowly when I'm all done I swear it's the price I swear it's the price of love Different emotions For you and for me So love is it all That it's made out to be When I look in your eyes We touch and we smile It all gets so easy So clear and so wild Walk on the beach with the wind in your hair Tides rushing over these moments we share I swear it's the price, I swear it's the price I swear it's the price of love © 2017