SaxonDogs Of War

Come to the reaper sing the song, bringing death to everyone Once the earth was calm and safe, but now the land's a battle place Firing shells into the air, where they land, no-one cares Now the blood flows like a stream, widowmaker reigns supreme Dogs of war, no surrender (*) Dogs of war, I kill the defender Dogs of war, Scream into battle Dogs of war, it's the day of the jackal Nothing seems to ease the pain, the reaper's shadow still remains Sniper lets the bullet fly, in the distance someone die The town becomes an empty shell, come and spend a day in hell Forgotten what we're fighting for, no-one wins this bloody war (Repeat *) Lay the wreath across the flag, fill another body bag Guard of honour standing proud, put your son into the ground Did they die for you and me, a sacrifice for liberty A generation dead and gone, the reaper sings his deadly song (Repeat *) © 2018