Boz ScaggsLow Down

Baby's into running around Hanging with the crowd Putting your business in the street talking out loud Saying you bought her this and that And how much you done spent I swear she must believe it's all heaven sent Hey boy you better bring the chick around To the sad truth the dirty lowdown (Who I wonder who) taught her how to talk like that (Who I wonder who) gave her that big idea Nothing you can't handle nothing you ain't got Put the money on the table and drive it off the lot Turn on that old love light and turn a maybe to a yes Same old schoolboy game got you into this mess Hey son better get back to town Face the sad old truth the dirty lowdown (Who I wonder who) put those ideas in your head (Who I wonder who) yeah Come on back down little son Dig the low low low low lowdown You ain't got to be so bad got to be so cold This dog eat dog existence sure is getting old Got to have a Jones for this Jones for that This running with the Jones boy Just ain't where it's at You gonna come back around To the sad sad truth the dirty lowdown (Who I wonder who) got you thinking like that boy (Who I wonder who) (Who I wonder who said who I wonder who) Oh look out for that lowdown That dirty dirty dirty dirty lowdown (Who I wonder who oh oh) Got you thinking like that © 2017