Sky HarborNot Gonna Change

Well you look at me, the rebellion I speak, you try to say that it's conformity You think that I am different, well you're right You try to tell me, yo, how to live my life, Acting like I'm wrong and you're always right trying To steal the joy to which God brings, well today, boy, man you get nothing And if you wanna try and break me down, Wanna knock me to the ground, I'm already there I don't really care And I'm not going to conform to this world I answer everything you question, this is what I say No, I'm not gonna change No, not today (by his name) No, I'm not gonna change Well I look at you, the things that you do, you try to sway me to your side I think that you're no different of those you despise I see the hate, it's in your eyes, you stare at me feed me devilish lies You would think by now you'd shown concern, Don't bother man, you know I've learned And if you think I'm just wasting my time; try to tell me that I'm blind You'll find I'm already there I don't really care © 2018