Smash MouthWho's There

You you look to the stars for answers Your face glowing in blue You smile at the thought that there's something out there Suddenly a smile turns to a stare A million tiny light bulbs shining Through celluloid across the country Little green men Eyes shielded with a shaky hand The women screaming And the children gather and wonder Who's there Who's there Fond of a night out in California It's late an interruption in space You smile could there be someone out there Suddenly the smile has been erased The radio crackled voices With obvious and used excuses Blue gas burning above Flicks and cartoons bumber stickers In preparation for tomorrow And the children gather and wonder Chorus A million tiny bulbs exploding Out the theatre doors they're screaming Ushers pick up treasures Little nervous mens co-ordinance point at the moon And the children gather and wonder Chorus Chorus © 2018