Well here I go in the wind Got the face rockin' on the sound Got my phone in my hand My baby hit me two times I gotta hit her back, she says she's flyin' in tonight See my baby's been gone for so long She's back in town, it's time to get it on She told me she would meet me at my spot about 8: 00 That gives me two whole hours to get my sh* straight I hit my place around six It's almost time to see her, almost time to get my fix I just can't wait to see my baby's face She's not like all these others on hte paper chase She's the kinda girl that you wanna stay true to There's nothin' that this girl wouldn't do for you, no I think I hear her in my driveway Open up the door and this is what she had to say Chorus I found someone to, do what you used to Boy you thought you were decivin' me with your infidelity I found someone who really deserves me, and he's all I need I'm makin' my moves, I found someone new and got no more love for you How could you go and do this to me baby? Since you hit town your had me running around actin' crazy And had I known you treat me this way We had to swing this drama for another day baby This was your night, the room was on, beepers on My sh* was tight, you blew it baby, now it's blown And after all I done for you You messed around and blew the best thing that ever happened to you baby Now don't go and put this all one me Since I left town you've been tryin' to run down with every girl you see I can't believe you do this to me, Ohooh baby I heard about your friend withthe red dress Now why you wanna go and play a game you can't win You didn't know she was my best friend And now we're all up in your pockets for your benjamins Chorus Don't leave me baby Said I love you baby Said I need you baby Stay right here with me baby © 2018