Soul AsylumEasy Street

Did you hear the one about the friend of a a friend who tried to end it all At the last moment he picked up the phone and gave you a call You thought about letting it ring, but you answered after all And there you were, put on the spot at the end of the other line For questions that you never thought you'd ever have to answer to Who do you turn to when the ones you always turn to go and turn on you It leaves you in the dark, feeling for a switch to turn it on again There are no easy answers, the questions remain tough There's no shortcuts to easy street, no corners you can cut Can you cut this diamond in the rough And it's good to see you alive Sign your will to survive A look into your heart before it sees it's final hour (Lived?) each day like there is no tomorrow Beyond this mess ahead there is a street so very hard to find Though I have (got?) to lay my head down at this dead end so many times And if we ever get to easy street, you can say with a smile I came just for the ride © 2018