Soul AsylumShut Down

I've been vindicated I've been loved and hated I've been pulled aside and told that life was overrated No, I don't believe it I just can't conceive it I can write all night but in the morning I can't read it Oh no, don't know what's the matter Stuck up on a ladder, scared of coming down If I don't get what I want And there ain't enough to go around I become oblivious to the obvious Just ridiculous As I flip the pages You're a time that ageless In between us lies a calm before the storm that rages Though we were related Couldn't be separated Tried to get ahead but only got decapitated If I don't get what you want And you don't get what I need We become oblivious to the obvious Just dysfunctional Shut down When I can't get keep from getting down And I grow tired of hangin' 'round I become invisible, unlivable Just dysfunctional Shut down © 2018