Soul AsylumSometime To Return

I ran away I walked a fine line Wasting time only to find You were callin' I think finally To remind me I am fine What you are is what you see And you see me and we can be Something you can call real we are we are we are Doing the best we can Working without a plan I'm beginning to understand Its getting out of hand I have seen these closing doors I've woke up on this floor before Picked it apart for hours and hours and hours Of turning, tossing and looking and listening To you and all the fucked up things you do But you're doing the best you can With every grain of sand Its trickling through your hand Sayin'catch me if you can If someday comes early Comes whipping comes whirling To take you for all you have learned The tables are turning My bridges are burning My destination sometime to return Throw away your calender And saddle up your salamander Get up and get down Ride in to town and look around Get up and do something No time to choose it Do it do it do it do it Doing the best I can, with or Without a plan, I'm taking what I can get, I haven't seen Nothing yet. If one day you wake up and find what you make up, Come and get me, come and take me there. Into your illusion, I'll make my intrusion - anytime, anyplace, anywhere. The hour Glass is draining fast, it knows no future holds no past, and All this to wil lcome to pass - never, forever, whenever. © 2018