Soul AsylumTell Me When

She's all by herself at the end of the day She'd talk to herself but wouldn't know what to say Wrings her hands and steps out of the bath The mirror laughs and splits her in half She looks around the room At her carpeted tomb Threw the phone on the floor Left the keys in the door Tell me when does life begin She got in the car and looked up at the stars And made a wish She held her breath and considered death And in the rearview mirror She looked back on her reflection She was a long way from she wanted to be And a long way from perfection Tell me when does life begin She chickened out and she called triple-A And told them the way After she paid they fixed the car She got on her way and she drove past the bar Where no one bought her a drink at She always though it was 'cause she was too fat And now she knows those places blow Or maybe it was her nose Tell me when does life begin © 2018