SqueezeKing George Street

(difford/tilbrook) She left in the middle of the night with the kids Wrapped in a blanket with a packet of crisps Heading for her mothers on another estate The kids looked up at the light and the rain In the middle of the night such adventures made For two little kids staying up late It was rainy and windy as winter was bleak At four in the morning on king george street She couldn't get to sleep where on earth had he gone The door opened wide and the light went on He was drunk as a lord with a tyre mark hat Falling in the hall on top of the cat Singing viva espana to a crying wife He took a swing at the shade on the light They were knocking on the doors dressed like refugees In the pouring rain on king george street She won't have that behaviour in her house any more He's got to sober up or get kicked out of the door Down on the corner the kids at his feet As daddy comes home on king george street They stood around the kettle and watched as it brewed Sneezing into hankies hands all blue The next evening he came around to the house With a bunch of flowers they locked him out He peered through the window Mouthed words through the air Her lips to a cup she saw him out there The kids came running but were they happy to see Their daddy back home on king george street
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