SqueezeLove Circles

(Difford/Tilbrook) The first circle comes around You don't want to leave her side You're staying in and don't go out You're having such a perfect time You make your bed and you lie in it And time is precious every minute The next circle comes around And so domestic you become In your matching dressing gowns You think your life time's just begun You cut the cake but just the one slice You're crawling back all through the night Love circles up above It waits until your love Breaks down and weeps Then it's out of your reach Love circles up above It waits for your love Down on the floor Then you're there in it's claws Love circles up above The last circle comes around You're making plans to fill your days You're always wanting to stay out late And you can feel love start to fade You fall asleep or read a book The phone goes back upon the hook When I lay awake at night And love can't be found The first circle's on my mind It goes round and round and round and round
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