SqueezeSquabs On Forty Fab

(difford/tilbrook) I've come across the desert To greet you with a smile My camel looks so tired It's hardly worth my while To tell you of my travels Across the golden east I see your preparations Invite me first to feast Take me I'm yours Because dreams are made of this Forever there'll be A heaven in your... The indians send signals From the rocks above the pass The cowboys take positions In the bushes and the grass The squaw is with the corporal She is tied against the tree She doesn't mind the language It's the beating she don't need She lets loose all the horses When the corporal is asleep And he wakes to find the fire's dead And arrows in his hats And davy crockett rides around And says it's cool for cats (cool for cats...) I never thought it would happen With me and the girl from clapham Out on a windy common That night I ain't forgotten When she dealt out the rations With some or other passions I said you are a lady Perhaps she said I may be Left my ring by the soap Now is that love? You cleaned me out you could say broke Now is that love? The better better better it gets The more these girls forget That that is love But behind the chalet My holiday's complete And I feel like william tell Maid marian on her tiptoed feet Pulling mussels from a shell (instrumental break: "separate beds") The case was pulled from under the bed She made a call to a sympathetic friend And made arrangements The door was closed there was a note I couldn't be bothered Maybe I'll choke No more engagements With where have you beens And faraway frowns Trying to be good By not being 'round And here in the bar The piano man's found Another nail for my heart If you ever change your mind Which you do from time to time Never chew a pickle With a little slap and tickle You have to throw the stone To get the pool to ripple Sunlight on the lino Woke me with a shake I looked around to find her but she'd gone Goodbye girl
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