SqueezeThe Waiting Game

I heard the stomping of feet dancing On the wooden floor upstairs I wasn't in the mood for laughing So I sat silent in my chair There was someone missing I knew Outside there fell the rain Where had she gone, what could I do I played the waiting game The cigarette smoke was annoying My mood was fit for a bath A drink couldn't oil my expression Nothing could've made me laugh I was worried out of my head I was in such a state What's keeping her, where has she gone I played the waiting game When you love someone You worry when they're late When you trust someone You know the time it takes To play the waiting game The music got louder and louder From the wooden floor upstairs I played with a handful of peanuts Then I saw her standing there My mood leapt right out of the bath She had got stuck in the rain Her coat dripped on a hanger Playing the waiting I couldn't understand her Playing the waiting Seemed like I'd wait forever Playing the waiting game
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