SqueezeTongue Like A Knife

(difford/tilbrook) The head of a hunt on the wall by a painting An upright piano stood locked by the door In through the window The light was fast fading While I spilt my whiskey All over the floor Making a mess of my words so I was trying To impress the empress with My wimpy tales Fanning her face from cigar smoke And sighing I had come close to be miles From her trail She was the jewel that Sparkled in darkness She was the love Of everyone's life She was the catch at Everyone's parties She was the one with a tongue Like a knife Her bosoms curved perfectly Lit by the fire My mind launched away In a sea of it's own Her grace and her tightness I had to admire Through a whore's breath of stories I happily told Trespassing my hand Fell into hot water She shot like a bullet Right out of her chair She led me away and i Was then slaughtered By the warmth of her body And her love and care Her tongue cut away And the wounds slowly opened I lay on the sails of the Ship of romance Drunk as I could be and Broker than broken and The head of my hunt Was there in my hands
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