SqueezeWalk Away

(Difford/Tilbrook) A black and white photograph Of me up the garden path Wrapped up in my football scarf It sits here in my hand And there mother smothered me And how she would mother me She knew how to suffer me Like all mothers can Now she is everywhere The comb that runs through my hair My posture on a chair But that's not who I am He ran from the arguments And sat on the garden fence And lived in the passing tense That fell from her lips He tended the house so well And each time she rang his bell He'd climb back from where he fell And gathered his wits Now I fear the mold is mine A vibration shakes my spine As I walk the crooked line Reality hits So let me walk free from you You know that you want me to Let me try something new Let me walk away If it's not one thing it's your mother How I love her How I love her How I love her But it's not so easy to say Please won't you let me walk away Let me walk away Let me walk away So let me walk on my own And finish my ice cream cone If we are to make it home Then all will be well Look see I'm a father now I'm raising my own eyebrow And being in my own row And making life hell This is me, see here I am Doing the best that I can This life has a subtle plan But you couldn't tell
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