Steely DanGaslighting Abbie

One plush summer you come to me ripe and ready And bad through and through With that deep mystical soul synergy pumping steady Between me and you Lovin' all the beautiful work we've done, cara mia And it's barely july If we keep on boppin' until labor day Li'l miz abbie - bye bye What will it be - some soothing herb tea? That might be just the thing Let's say we spike it with deludin Or else - maybe tonight a hand of solitaire Chorus: Flame is the game The game we call gaslighting abbie It's a luscious invention for three One summer by the sea With the long weekend that's comin' up fast Let's get busy There's just too much to do That black mini looks just like the one she's been missin' Feels good on you There's a few items we need in town - allez-vous girl There's no time to waste Such as fresh cable and fifteen watt bulbs Couple dozen - it's a big old place Let's keep it light - we'll do a fright night With blood and everything Some punky laughter from the kitchen And then - a nice relaxing hand of solitaire Chorus You can choose the music I'll set up my gear Later on we'll chill and watch the fireworks from here How can you knock this mighty spitelock Check out the work itself A mix of elegance and function That's right - a tweak or two and then she's out of here Chorus © 2018