Steely DanGreen Book

My coat is black and the moon is yellow Here is where I get off As you can see for yourself old girl in the Green Book I tango down to the smoky lobby My eyes adjust to the light The new cashier looks like Jill St. John Can that be right? I'm rolling into the bar at Joey's They're getting ready to close Here she comes very "Kiss Me Deadly" My life, my love, my third hand rose Flash ahead to a yummy playback Just you and me in a room Double dreaming a page at a time in the Green Book The torso rocks and the eyes are keepers Now where'd we sample those legs? I'm thinking Marilyn 4.0 in the Green Book I like the neon I love the music Anachronistic but nice The seamless segue from fun to fever It's a sweet device I'm so in love with this dirty city This crazy grid of desire The festive icons along the way The boardwalk, the lovers, the house on fire She's kind of cute but a little younger She's got the mood and the moves It's kinda scary to dig yourself in the Green Book © 2018