Steve MillerKow Kow

Kow kow calqulator Was a very smooth operator Had himself a pet alligator Kept it in a chrome elevator, yeah When the sun began to shine The alligator come outside Kow kow played the chimes Together they would go for a ride As they travelled with a heavy load They came across a dead horse at the side of the road With two generals standing at each end Fighting over whose fault it had been And all that's left was this war And they couldn't get things back together like they were before Well, listen Turn on your love light Turn it on, let it shine Inside your heart Let it shine, turn it on Your love light Turn it on Turn it on Let it shine Inside your mind So many times kow kow had heard it said before Oh, don't, lord, don't go near that door The cause of our evil you'll uncover Because of our misery you discover Well, misery seeks it's own company Kow kow had heard it said Now he sits there crying Oh, with his hands across his head Kow kow calqulator Oh, a very smooth operator Get back in your elevator Kow kow calqulator Turn on your love light Oh, oh, oh, oh Let it shine © 2014