Stone Temple PilotsA Song For Sleeping

Finally I've met you The day has come You're more than beautiful And you're my son I don't deserve this I never thought it could be Quite like the moment When you first smiled at me A toothless, wonderful feeling Like I'd never seen It's you, noah, it's you Ў­ And when you lie down to sleep I'll protect you From the demons of the night While I'm watching you grow I'll pray There's so much I could teach you If you only have the time Pray There's so much God can teach you If you only have the time So will you tell me the little things? What does God look like? And angels' wings? I don't remember these things So would you teach them to me? So for the moment I'll watch you breathe And when you wake up in the morning And I pour the coffee You're always smiling Ў­ sweetly Acoustic guitar: robert Percussion: eric © 2018