Brian EnoMiss Shapiro

All the peasants in the squares At their tables and their chairs Set to salvage certain numbers From the wonder of the Tundra And the muses in the gloom Counting needles in their rooms On the carpet in the corner In a kind of secret slumber While the in formation rain Slashed the dirty windowpane to the square Smoky broads and smoky windows in the square Come come charmer come on over for the day Disappearing cocoa forests flash and die Fortunes crumble all demolished in the bay Over forty pointed people In the perfect pointed steeple Looked to see the lucky number Yes the wonder of the Tundra Had come up to fame and fortune Singing his tune, my tune, your tune Wooing daughters of the gifted On the carpets of the courtrooms While the tickets were expensive The show was quite relentless in the square Dalai Llama lame puss puss Stella maris missa nobis Miss a dinner Miss Shapiro Shampoos pot-pot pinkies pampered Movement hampered like at Christmas Ha-ha isn't life a circus Round in circles like the Archers Always stiff or always starchy Yes it's happening and it's fattening And it's all that we can get into the show © 2017