TestamentElectric Crown

Here we go The people show Victims of tomorrow The way it goes It never shows Emptiness or sorrow There is nothing left inside Nothing left to cry for So I justify my crimes Things that I must die for So alone Away it goes The life that you have wasted You never know Where it might go The sweet success you've tasted Tasted by a bitter frown Knowing I must die for Can't confide, to all the lies No one to inquire As I wander, change os seasons As I realize That I'll soon be there I'll let you know The reapers show Makes you beg or borrow He comes to see The tragedy His fate he will not follow Wearing your electric crown The preacher starts to pray Shiver as the lights go down Heed these words I say As I wander Change of seasons I can't ponder I got my reasons As I realize I don't care All I know is That I'll soon be there Now it's done The time has come The people stand in silence Another dawn Has come and gone His fate has been decided There is no one left inside A brain without a mind Traces of a bitter man Are all that you will find Chorus
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