Third Eye BlindPalm Reader

Just give me a call when you feel better But you never do and I'm just another debtor to some palm reader Whose got her hands mixed up Palm readers breath smells of brandy and cigarettes As she sells me sweet forgets, she needs something to get her through, She runs a scam like me and you, yeah me and you Freud said that love was a good psychosis, but I don't know I've had too many doses He's a creep and we all know he probably made it up [Chorus] Believe in me and this lie Tell me everything will be alright Cause it's so good to believe But don't turn my hope into a weapon I kept your sweater till the scent was gone wrapped up in my hands when the days were long But I'm still sniffing I walk alone in the concrete with the living Where pigeons fly till they gather round the fallen ones, They don't know why neither do I [Chorus] There's no one to trust except maybe the two of us But that's in the past the place where I'm living haunting my broken dreams I read horoscopes in magazines expecially yours in the sign of the Leo, The regal one but man you let your claws show oh it's so slow, When will they let me go [Chorus] © 2017