Tom LehrerBoston

About a year ago, I talked with a friend up at mit, and he had on Reel-to-reel an interview with Tom Lehrer. Two songs that did not Appear on any of his albums included a cover of The 50 Russian Composers (similar in idea to The Elements) and this interesting song about Boston (my home) both which he plays live on the tape that I have. H is for my alma mater Hah-vahd, C it stands for Central, next stop on the line, K is for the cozy Kendall station C is Charles that overlooks the brine... P is Park (clears throat) Pahk Street, busy Boston station, W is Washington you see... Put them all together they spell... (Hcckkcc... Pw... (sounds like somebody spitting)) Which is just about what Boston means to me! -Tom Lehrer © 2018