Bruce DickinsonShoot All The Clowns

I've been down At the crazy house I've been playing With the cat and the mouse I've been down I've been down I've seen the crazy people Running around Shoot all the Clowns Shoot 'em down Shoot 'em down Shoot 'em down Welcome to the circus Where I fool around I got the killer smile I'm a killer clown Cover up your face You've been found out You laugh when There's nothing to smile about Shoot all the clowns Shoot 'em down Shoot 'em down Shoot 'em down Wanna Gimme money Well you better get ready I'm a certified friend Of John Paul Getty I'm a fat stargazer I'm an all night raver I'm an anything you wannabe If I can get your sympathy Welcome to the circus I'm a killer clown I'm Welcome to the circus Hey gather round 2 sides to life 2 sides to fun The one who does it And the one who gets done © 2018