UnseenGoodbye America

Oh say can you see? With the blind fold so tight What so proudly we hail is nothing more than a faction Whose dull stripes and false star through the murderous fights On the TV we watch as our children die starving And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air Gives proof to us all, that the flag doesn't care Oh say does that star spangle banner of hate For the land of the deceived and the home of the saved Yeah, everything bothers me Just about everything that I see No need for a flag or a country Raise your finger if you agree The problems won't go away If we keep our rage at bay The filth and slime will always stay If we choose to ignore and play The stars and strips are prison bars They won't let you get too far The rule over many, by the few You can't police my mind 'cause I won't let you Goodbye America! Fuck you America! Pledge allegiance to yourself Not greed, power, war, and wealth Remember you were born a HUMAN BEING NOT A PART OF THEIR MACHINE Goodbye America! Fuck you America! NO MORE SOCIAL ORDER
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