UtopiaWinston Smith Takes It On The Jaw

We got no razor blades, we got no victory gin I got no tiny alcove to hide myself in To say things weren't good would not be an untruth But I just met a girl from the anti-sex youth We get up in the morning for physical jerks We might pass in the hall as we're going to work I have found us a place where there's no telescreen And there's no hidden mikes and it's not too unclean While the high remain high And the middle change places The low don't want to know they tell all with their faces She might sit afront of me for the two minutes hate I might see her again if it's not already too late So they will take the book away from me So let them catch me talking in my sleep I guess I never really understood the law So winston smith takes it on the jaw So let's do what we want, it makes no difference now When the thought police find us, we're dead anyhow Kick us out of the party and bust us to parole Then they'll stuff us both into a memory hole So let them haul me off to 101 Public confessions of everything we've done Of everything I heard and everything I saw When winston smith takes it on the jaw
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