French MontanaOff The Rip

[Intro: French Montana] Oh me, oh my my (Haan! ) Gone need more quinine (Montana! ) Oh me, oh my my (Haan! Off the rip) Gone need more quinine (Aye aye aye) [Bridge: French Montana] I'ma ride with my dog off the rip Talking brown bag, paper tag off the rip Shawty came through, bent it over off the rip Dope boy back, popping tags off the rip Nigga off the rip Started from the block, dirty money off the rip Cut a shark fin, talking money off the rip Walk up on the dealer, a hundred fifty off the rip My dog came home, buck fifty off the rip Haan! [Hook: Chinx Drugz] Oh me, oh my might Cut dope, gone need more quinine (Off the rip) Oh me, oh my might Cut dope, gone need more quinine (Off the rip) Forty knock his head off (off the rip) Drop top V, niggas scared off (off the rip) [Verse 1: French Montana] Rarri looking good on a strip Talking a hundred mill as I mothafucking grip Johnny Hancock, ten milli off the rip Shawty bought her friends off the rip Bitches bust it open, eating pusy off the rip West Side, getting blood money with a crip My dog getting out, money orders off the rip, boy Spend a car note on my fit, boy (?) hanging off my clip, boy Niggas running like a skit, boy I'll push you on my skit, boy On my wrist is a brick, boy Coke empire, brick by brick, boy Coke Boys off the rip, boy [Hook] [Verse 2: Chinx Drugz] Coke Boys get the bloody money, dirty cash Live niggas who smoke weed, car seat stacks You monkey walk, I'm hunsh back Speed quiet, talking 'bout mi casa Scared to death when I pop up [Bridge + Hook] [Verse 3: French Montana] Started with a hooptie and I wen't and got a Beamer Pull up in a boat, Titanic La Marina Shout out to young gunner, spend a hundred on my timer Looking through the smoke and mirrors, smoking marijuana Rarri and the Gatti and the Beamers and the Benzes Homicide Riding with some cubans that be fresh up out that border Making back a whole thang, breaking down a quarter Drophead, getting dome, riding through New Orleans Hit them shots ringing then I hit a money caller Counting up my blessings, counting money keep a dollar Drophead white mink on when it's colder [Hook] [Verse 4: N.O.R.E.] Coke Boys get the coke money, plenty cash Live niggas just smoke ash, Phantom seat stashed You donkey walk, I'm hunsh back Buck quiet, talk about mi casa You TMZ niggas gasa [Outro: French Montana] Off the rip Off the rip Off the mothafucking rip, boy © 2018