Passion PitUntil We Can't (Let's Go)

[Verse 1] How much can we take before we both break down? The confines of these rooms, yeah they get you to Lying in our bed while tossing and turning And it wakes you up, it puts you in the mood But that's alright cause We both know what the other wants And it goes to show why we're not alone And still we're here in this God forsaken place I can hear what you're saying, I can see it on your face [Chorus] So let's go, let's go 'til we can't anymore Let's go 'til we can't Let's go, let's go 'til we fall to the floor Let's go 'til we can't Somebody else tell me something I read your lips, good God you're suffering Guess that's something else With the walls colliding Someone can't stop hesitating We both know we're suffocating Let's go out and find ourselves a home And find ourselves a home [Verse 2] Honey please, you don't need to tell me What we need, yeah we both know that A bedroom floor with a Yeah we're stuffed in here together begging for a new way out [Chorus] [Bridge] We can barely speak, we can barely sleep, now we're leavin' Barely take the time, take the time to try Try to make this living Hell, Shell it out for something better than we think and better than we ever dreamed [Chorus] © 2018