Project PatTwerk It

[Hook: TY Dolla Sign] Bend it over for daddy Gon' look back at it Don't hide that pussy Oh you know I like it when you Twerk it on dick, twerk it on dick Girl twerk it on dick, girl twerk it on dick Twerk it on dick, gon' twerk it on dick Oh twerk it on dick, gon' twerk it on dick Girl twerk it on dick, twerk on dick Gon' twerk it on dick [Verse 1: Project Pat] I like the way that booby jump like a brawl I like the way you walk that ass like a dog I like the way you keepin' that pussy on call You like the way I spend that money at the mall Corn bread ass, soft like Jiffy Got my dick hard [?] Only chase money, we ain't chasin' no kitten But I work that mouth out, drop down gimme fifty Sippin' black remy, riding in black Porsche's Kiki and Becky, black in white fortress Tonight they be mine, tomorrow they yours Loud in my blunt, kick hard like horses [Hook] [Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa] You a good girl, hell nah Scared of the hood girl, hell nah Scared to get high girl, hell nah On that dick, scared to ride girl, hell nah Scared of a fast car, hell nah Like a Nascar, hell nah You want a broke nigga, hell nah Shit if you broke, what you doing hell for I be be throwing hella money on these bitches Makin' it rain, you niggas looking hella sunny little bitches Rich niggas wearing, fuck niggas hate Go and throw it on me, it'll go away [Hook] [Verse 3: Wale] I said twerk it on that bitch Working with a grip I'm on yo magic carpet, put a turban on my head Oh c'mere you pretty little chick I'ma get inside and work, like a surgeon in this bitch Dude she throw that thang in the boot [?] Now lemme take a look it in your pack This is a googly moogly that thang is juicy Suicide pullin' up, who is y'all on the bus Super high got them inside the whole crowd rolling up Who am I Olubowale Like I'm part lamb party Yo I'm outta here [Hook] © 2018