Chief KeefAston Martin

[Hook] On my wrist bout 40 My chain and my neck 15 This Tec with me hold about 50 Blow his block like whatcha say about little key Comin through very foul with a referee The only thing on my mind is money That's why I don't know nothing when you ask me something Been smoking on dope in the fastest car Bought three chains from Johnny Dang And coulda bought an Aston Martin [Verse: 1] I got weed I don't need bitches I got money I don't need friends Me and B friends, Ben Franklin thats my best friend we pimpin' Blocks, fuck with them make us put the heat in ya With the ops Nigga I can see the G in ya Come in my house We got dope all up in the weed vender Come too our block We gone make your dumb ass bleed nigga Flexin' on niggas like a sucka ? Roll up catch an opp then we gone put racks on a nigga Then shoot up the rest of the niggas They gone get the best of us nigga [Hook] [Verse: 2] Car go skurt-skurt Tec go click-clak Tuh-tuh-tuh-tuh-tuh-tuh Letta op ride down the block like its good good We gone tuh-tuh his windows And my Glock on me case a nigga think it's macaroni Smoking on a big blunt of Tooka She wasn't on me when I was in the hood hood Now she say she got that good good Pistols beat like KRK We coming through day by day We don't want no peace treaties We been pouring [?] thing all day ? Made me a peace treaty and we pulling off having a race Walked in the bank with a smirk Walked out laughing away I'm rich now I can buy [?] or [?] bitches now My niggas in the field still Lam fuck niggas died Fuck niggas don't like how I'm living now [Hook] © 2018