FabolousThe Hope

[Verse: Jadakiss) Don’t make put one of yall in the grave I’m playin with money, yall niggas savin Pain, I’m a cause of something yall couldn’t phase Couple niggas shot, just one of yall niggas brave Rushin him to the er, rushin me to the stage This the Soul Tape 3, nothing we need to say Leave the handguns at home, Fuck em, just bring the K’s for the homies in the county With nothing it’s eating trays Since I started eating my motto was eat away Being top 5 was always followed by doa Thought I was on top on a bottle that kia yay Then I went straight from the block to the vma’s The way that hand move on the clock you’d be amazed You just feel the burn niggas, you don’t see the blaze Take a good look in my eyes, you’ll see that haze Right, left, life or death, either ways Same tough guys, a problem they see you late Never show yo hand and they dying to see his face I’m married to the game, you dying to get engaged You only gangsta when the lions is in the cage Your life’s worth nothing, the goons had it appraised I might do the rafe maroon with the beige Bad bitch with me, dooby with the shades If you ain’t self-employed then truly you a slave [Verse: Fabolous) Tooling to your ways, brain on your winter coat Niggas burning bridges then expecting you to send a boat If I’m comin at yo neck think a bullet in the throat Never gon forget you niggas, got him written in my notes I’mma send the goons, I snitched on 7 folks They gon kill you just cus, don’t make me send the loks New blue hunneds, spending C notes Fresh pair of tems, vanish P cotes I’m a standup nigga, never been a joke Riding since pedal bikes we reflectors in the spokes I slipped her for my arm, put the game in New York You apply a little pressure and them rookies feelin chocked Niggas looking washed up, there’s something in the soap You lookin like Adrien Runner & The Ropes My shoes is too waxed, I should be in the sloaps Might come through in the bubbles, same way they send the pope Parading now on 5th ave like I’m in the float That new 8-50 push button like remote Control is hard to have especially when you broke They sleepin cuz they eatin but you hungry and you won’t Shawty mouth wet but her stress is in the scope Greatest of all time so her name has name is been a gold She say you got them people waitin for it then it’s dope The game is fucked up but if you back then it’s hope, nigga
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