Hey look at me, I'm a wastoid Android robot
Nobody ever believes me cause I'm skinny and silly
I'm just a clown in the circus with a license to be a reject
Rejection from the class
A classification to nowhere
C'mon, c'mon gotta give it everything you got [3x]

The merry goes the merry goes round and round
There he goes, the merry goes bouncing now
Off the walls on a high
Coming down dying to kick it

So you wanna have a good time?
You wanna get on down?
So come on over to my house where we can fool around
Don't look at me I'm too ugly, I'm too skinny and silly
Nobody wants to hang out with a rejection man
Yeah c'mon, c'mon gotta give it everything you
Yeah! Yeah! Gotta give it everything you got,
Give it everything


I don't care if you don't care
Nobody cares
Everybody's getting there rocks off
You really wanna, you really wanna?
Yeah yeah you really wanna, you really wanna Yeah Yeah


I'm a wastoid, an Android, a robot, a dirtbag
But I'm ugly and skinny and silly and smelly and cheesy
But I don't care, it doesn't matter and I'm dying to kick it!
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Merry Go Round Lyrics

Puddle Of Mudd – Merry Go Round Lyrics

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