Its been a long time
Since the rhyme rode
A rough road
I'm riding rhymes and givin'
A dose of brotherland
Never said I wasn't good at it
Cause I'm a static addict
No fear you gotta
Know I had it
If you know better
'Spose to do better
So I know like Al Green
We gotta stay together

Knock knock who's there
Where? over here
Da boom kids knockin'
Bang and they outta here
The dope-mans livin' at home
They don't understand
But they can
They can can
If I don't say it
I'm a sucka parlayin' it
Don't really matter
When the flow fatter

But I don't don't
And duck bob an weave
Will deceive a street corner
And the forty thieves

They bring em in
You do em in
He bring em in
You do us in

Smell em knockin' da boom
Hear em hittin' nat boom

I'm comin' atcha
Live and uncut
An undrugged
These days they be thinkin' I'm bugged
Livin' I be kickin' it

Hard instead of lickin' it
Down domination on the overground

Tell me what we be
Seekin' is self preservation
A nation of millions
Gotta go with a feelin'
Uncle Sam be gat Uncle Tom
And when it comes to drugs
Uncle Tom gotta bomb
Can I get a pop
Till the motherfuckers stop
Sellin' nat shit
That make the hoody drop
No more easy gettin' over
For da cracka in the back

Yo its over
Number 1 with a bullet
He pull it what I do now
Cant out run it or duck
Or get a new Chuck
Up against the wall
Wont confess y'all
I mo move and I'm gone
An so I guess y'all
Lemme tell you so lend me a listen
I'm missin' a life
If I ain't givin up an ass kissin'
No television or movie style
No buckwild thinkin'
Cause I don't know what he drinkin'
But he better act quick
Cause I'm gettin' quicker
3 mo seconds to go
I hope he hold da trigga
If he do dat
The gatt is outta his hands

And then he gotta deal with a man
Punks jump up to get beat
I'm on the funky beat
Beat beat y'all
Until its six feet
Under dirt and the mud
Here we go again
Another enemy if you
Never was a friend
Never clever
As I was in this endever
Never again trust a smile or grin
From comin' outta da womb
To endin' up in a tomb
Another sport
Caught knockin' nat boom

Here go the verse that hurts
Head brother in charge
So I better get bodyguard
What can I do
Break a leg on the avenue
Where the bootleggers
They be stackin' the odds
Try to be hard but they playin' my cards
Fuckin' with chicken
But I'm duckin in the lard
Been goin' straight since seventy eight
I wanna live I don't wanna be late
I head em comin' at me
Runnin' fast and ruff
Ain't this a bitch and test for the tuff
Bang doubt it
Without a life
I cant live without it

Rhymer in a zone

Say you wanna revolution
Forty acres to forty ounces
Plus they announcin'
The mule is the one that's fooled
But I pass to be that jackass
Knockin' that boom
To the tomb
Out the womb
I bet against the spread
I flipped death threats
And the 3 to the head
Never get enough
The raw, the rugged, the ruff
Oh my the jam the dunk the stuff
I got a mind that's maddes than Minolta
Hard in a rock place my corner
And the winner is
Whoop there it is
Thirty three years without a beer or slow gin fizz
Rather get frunk off
Hearin' rhymin' with biz
Rhymamatician, rumpshaker
Not a cracker or a quacker
But a waker
Put my thing down
Step my shit up
Put up or shut up
Peace to the original what up
Back to the motherland
Where its warmer, transformer
Kill the informer
I hear em talkin' creepin'
But I'm not sleepin'
My mellow I go back
Way back going, going
Before crack
And the eight track
Still goin', gone, goodbye
To the lazy
I ain't pushing up or drivin'
No daisies
I gotta remember Philly in September
Ain't nothin' finer than peace
In Carolina and to the gods
Wanna be, gotta be
Starter of mo flow
Here we go the front row
As I cut the silly rhymin'
Riddlin' still the flow
Gettin' ridda dem
Racist swazis
Cause I'm brinin kamikazes
They gotta give us where we live
We don't own
What you think is home
Its time to go up in smoke
Nine one one is no joke
Once again friends
This enemy states fiddy states
Still say chill wait until
The right time baby
Damn the blood line
Gettin' raid with AIDS
But somebody's gettin' paid
Lets get it on and a on
But brothers gettin' killed
Cause blunts and forty's is like
Cookies to da milk
I'm not crazy
I'm the revelation
Last days in time
The overtime rhymer
Rhymer in a zone
Right vs wrong
Good versus evil
God versus the devil
Public Enemy
Muse sick in hour mess age
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Live And Undrugged Pt. 1 & 2 Lyrics