The buzzing sounds of the requiem
Note for note
By maggot wings

The humming grows surrounding
This after score
Composed in question
By those intentions
Spiraling down the creator
Between heaven and hell

Thousands of eyes
My child
Covered in flies

Thousands of eyes
My child
Covered in flies
Watch you
Thousands of eyes

The buzzing wind of maggot spawn
Abreeze this soulless shell

Death infests you

The stirring swells amongst the trees
Flies will feed
Trickling mourners
Rejoicing your funeral

Rejoice and eat up my winged children
Eat up
It's all yours
Feast and be merry
Breed upon this feast before you

Exploring tasted dead
Twitching hands laying eggs
Buzz of the orchestra to the conducting carcass
Conducting the funeral feast

You're dead

Your dead!
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Insects Lyrics

Psyopus – Insects Lyrics