Oh what can I say...
You came and got things today,
I packed your car, I watched you drive away.
I cried so many tears that day,
It burnt my face, it felt like acid rain.
I know I can't keep lying to myself,
I said I'd be content with someone else,
I know I never have to face the pain, baby baby,

I won't cry no more, I won't drown in my tears
I won't die no more, I've got over my fears
And I'm moving on, girl I know what to do.
'Cause I'm beter off without you, and we both know that it's true.

It's going to take a little, to stick in my mind,
The fact you're gone for good.
'Cause when you said you're leaving me, I heard it before,
I never really thought you would.
Maybe I should be glad that you gone away.
I know the pain would not be here to stay
If I could only fool myself maybe, baby,


That I won't cry, I'm moving on.
Well, well.
I know it's hurt enough, to fall in and out of love,
But when something is gone, to keep holding on,
Will only break your heart.
So I won't play the fool, by begging you to stay.
I want to keep it inside, 'til you're out of sight,
Maybe then wait...

[Chorus x 2]
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I Won't Cry Lyrics

Profyle – I Won't Cry Lyrics

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