We ain't got no time, in the city of gold
Trying to get me some sunshine
An avoid the patrol
Ah yea

I'm fed up
All I want is a little nice weather when I get
A lot of people arrive zealous
But life here's, less than a dream, more a nightmare
Welcome to the city of gold, the city I roam
Home to the grittiest roads
It's hardly a party, getting our p's
On the same corner where women sell narni
I live amongst vermin I'm stuck
But I couldn't give a, fuck as long as I'm earning
Long been accustomed to the ways of the manor
The filth are an occupational hazard
Parked chilling in a car park grinning
It's gone midnight an I'm half past sinning
Got a dark heart wicked with my ras clart lyrics
I'm a bad boy you don't wanna start no shit with


Time's precious
An it moves fast in a city full of bright lights and tight dresses
Medusa's that'll seduce ya if ya ain't ready
A city that makes few and breaks many
The city I'm in's, less like the city of gold
More like the city of sin
Where everybody's in it to win
From villainous nippers to city slickers with sinister grins
Straight, ain't religous, never been into hymns
An I pushed bars before I'd ever been in a gym
So for my freedom I keep hoping
Cause I don't wanna walk through the doors these keys open
I don't know if you think it's nice or something?
But I can show you a different side to London
To think you came here for the treasure?
But nobody ever came here for the weather


Up to bother trying not to get collared by the piggies
Ah yea

Jack the lad I put the work in
For the wage of sin
Even if by some poor sod's loss
I care not I will take the win
Many came so full of hope
Only to be deflated
The roads we walk ain't paved in gold
Alone is how our days spent
Don't think cause I'm polite that I'm nice g
Or cause I'm well dressed I ain't grimy
I got food for them city heads
Just another aggie yout that the city bread
The cloud I'm under thunders loud
I ain't waiting for the day the sun comes out
If you wonder what I'm under now
The same shit I was and will be till I'm underground

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City Of Gold Lyrics

Professor Green – City Of Gold Lyrics

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