Another muthafuckin' pig, talkin' shit, tryin' to teach me a lesson
Another fuckin' point about the way I'm dressin'
Baggy pants, baggy shirt, long hair, so what?
I don't give a fuck what you think
Keep your mouth shut
I don't wanna hear what the fuck you gotta say
Do it like this; you gotta do it my way
Bullshit, I'm not a clone
I'm just an individual, yeah, imagine that
It's a muthafuckin' miracle

Look into the eyes of a killer, man
Look into the eyes of a pig
Look into the eyes of a killer, man
Slam, damn, boy, I wish you did

I look to the east and the west side
Try to run, try to run
But you can't hide from everyone of your fuckin' harassments
One more pig just got that ass kicked
I got some news for the boys in blue
They best not fuck with the wicked crew
Throwin' down on pigs, and I'm never gonna confess
Give it up, give it up
I'm getting buck wild, yes


Here I come
I got to get wicked
Set' em loose, set' em loose, set the pigs loose
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Pigs Lyrics

Primer 55 – Pigs Lyrics