She said "you're a boy and I am a women"
That is what she said
"you love me and I need you"
She put it in my head, in my head
She put it in my head
"if you don't want it other people will"
Hear me out
Come walk in my heels
And then your free to argue
Cuz you see this body is my ticket out
From needle park, junkie talk and sucker juice
Your living on sucker ha
If you don't want it other people will
Other people
Do it with our attitude
Do it till there heads are blue
Other people throw away all there guilt
But I aint other people
I need to get to know you first
I got a red dress yellow dress black dress
I got a closet full of miracles
Pink panties blue panties yellow panties
I'm gonna wrap around your nose
A panty ho hose
If you don't want it other people will
Wait a second! Wait a second
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Other People Lyrics

Prick – Other People Lyrics

Songwriters: KEVIN MCMAHON
Other People lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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