That's how people fall in love (in love)
First kiss, first hug
Can we make it like it was? We were, in love
Can we make it like it was? See the love I have, that I have for you
I can't explain it for you girl,
Because I've been around the world and I met a lot of other girls.
But they're nothing like you
No no no

See I came at it, and I came at it, now I'm so addicted like a gambling habit
'cause you was the one here, when I ain't have it
Now you say you leaving me but I ain't having it
We put too much in just to pull out
This thing's just too good for me to pull out
Girl you know pleasure can't stand to see you crying
So I'm gonna love you or die trying


I reminiscence on the way that it was
(first kiss, first hug)
24-7 you was on my mind
(baby girl you was my first love)
We closer than the pages in my composition book
(but I let you walk in front so them other players could look)
And when they tried to holla, you point at me and say that you took
(and you've been in my heart before I know that you can cook)
Girl you shine like brand new dime,
The love I have for you is more than all my chicks combined


See pleasure is pain, and pain is love
First kiss, first touch, first hug
God had send you up from above,
2 jitterbugs on the back of the bus kissing like we grown up's...
But we broke up, all the pain we went through is on us..
A couple months went by, then we woke up
Break up to make up, girl you know us...
And you then try, but they'll never be able to do the things that you do
They ain't got your style, your body and smile,
They ain't really off the chain like you
Because I showed you how to ride it, and you showed me how you like it
When it is time for that good loving, you read my mind like a psychic
So whenever I'm gone, you worry 'bout your king to return to the throne,
That's why our love is strong,
And you ain't ever gotta worry 'bout me doing wrong,
Just long as you come back home
'cause this where you suppose to be,
Right here close to me,
On the side of me, baby girl you can ride with me,
'cause with you, that's where I'm tryna be you know
I love you girl!


You know I love you, frozen cup your wrist, so I can spoil you, hold you..
Never ignore you, adore you, when times get hard, I'll do anything for you...
Remember back in the days, parkway, catch an early matinee at the emine'
Rubbing oil of olay on yo body, hot tamalae,
but 'cause you're my shorty life passes by when you're busy
Making plans I'm a bigger man, a veteran, a business man, a gentleman,
I know you're so sick and tired of my ignorance,
I can't breathe, I can't get no sleep, without you my life is incomplete,
Picnic's at a party, and corn on the cob, real talk,
from the start, you got the keys too
My heart, that's a promise to god.

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Make It Like It Was Lyrics

Pretty Ricky – Make It Like It Was Lyrics

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