Can't stop, won't stop
Living to remain
Comes with teardrops
Got to break the chain
Surviving in this game got me
Falling but I can't let go

I realize life dies and time
We compromise I'm a worried
Men closing my eyes
Aware of all kind of problems I share when
I solved 'em
Discuss 'em learn from 'em then desolve 'em
We done starving we rule now
Constantly move out stare at the crowd
Emotionless you know my whereabouts
I'm in my own world I follow my spirit cause
Brotherly love that's what I'm about and thinking
They locked 'em up for years now we miss him
He grew old behind the concrete walls guarding
His drawls
Living this law cause hopefully the light he saw
Cause times is changing no one's adult no more the
Vibes are cold
I bless the story that's why the smile on my face is
About the things the unexpected life brings
So I can hear the cry for freedom as the bird sings
To deal with this and keep living is just struggling


Bad news broke the day my brother's been put away
Inside a cell there he'll live in hell and shall obey
Family rumors spread out streetwise
Coffeeshop style
Already noticed on police files
These documents made it hard for him
Trial begins
Ended up six years of judgment
Doing his bit
Lost in touch with his little son he never seen he
Never heard from
Captivated by his moms you know how that be
Amsterdam's a big city got me searching madly got
To meet my little cousin at the age of five is sadly
Sometimes life don't make no sense
We just dockworkers musicians
We write documents kid
I'm not used to the concrete penitentiaries
They locked blood up it's family
They scared memories
My feelings hurt now
We hold strong stand firm now
The flame is burned out, the word is out
No doubt


Ya still got some little time to spend I put you on
Two years to come from now I smuggle goods
Bring in the polm distract the guard watch the arm
Check the palm the stuff wrapped up in plastic
Straight from the hood
You can sell it or smoke some as you inhale
Your brains felt it sparked cells
Now they've melted
My heart is freezing by seeing your face when I'm
It's your little brother speaking might come to see
You next weekend
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Brotherly Love Lyrics

Postmen – Brotherly Love Lyrics