There's you and I in unity
It's time we take a stand
So we can let the world see
God made different colors
To make His people unique
Just because I'm different
Doesn't mean that I'm a freak
Or maybe I am a freak for the
Man Himself who died for me
We're daily on a mission from God
In search of unity
It's time you open your eyes
See the problem at hand
All you have to do is love and live
And take your own stand

And love each other like a brother
All you people love them
Like they were your sister
Or your mother
It's time we stoop the hate
So we can't hurt one another
'Cause that ain't it
That ain't right
Congregate we got to fight
The end will come
Keep Him in sight
His people unify
It's time we all fight

You and I in unity
That's what love should be
You and I in unity
It's time for the world to see

Denomination it shouldn't
Stop a congregation
From being one with every tongue
And every tribe and every nation
Tribulation the force that fought
For people left behind
Revelation I got to let them know
The mission's mine
All those different places
Of different races and different faces
We come together as one
Achievable through graces
It's not about the fat pockets or scrilla
We got to stand up straight
And be strong like a pillar

We got to stand up and fight
You know the time is right
We got to keep the end in sight
So His people stand up and fight
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Unity Lyrics

Pillar – Unity Lyrics